Configuration Backups

Configuration Backups

eKeypad is a very feature rich application with many options. For larger eKeypad installs it can take several hours to several days to fully configure eKeypad. This makes it important to safeguard this effort to make it easier to recover from unexpected events such as upgraded, broken, lost or even stollen devices. To assist these scenarios eKeypad contains a full configuration backup and restore capability.

The “Configuration Backup” screen is accessed from the main configuration screen within eKeypad.

To make a new backup. Simply press the “Create New Backup File” button at the top of the screen. You will be presented with the option to add a pass code to the backup file. See the note below on the security of backup files.

Editing backup files. For existing backup files you can edit them by using the edit button in the top right corner of the window. The delete icon will allow you to delete a backup file. Touching on the name of the backup file will allow you to rename the file. Press the done button to exit editing mode.

Backup file actions. Touching on a backup file will display a number of optional actions you can take with the backup file. These options include restoring the backup file, emailing the backup file (Only visible if an email account is configured on the mobile device), and deleting the backup file. All actions have confirmations to prevent accidental activations.

Importing Backup Files

To import external backup files into eKeypad, load the email containing the backup file attachment. Touching on the attachment will present a popup message giving you the option to open the file with eKeypad. Selecting this option will automatically exit the mail application and launch eKeypad. You will receive a confirmation message that the backup file has been imported along with the name of the backup file. To prevent conflicts, eKeypad may alter the name of the backup file.