Automated Connection Troubleshooting

This functionality is designed for eKeypad installs that were working initially but have encountered an error. For issues encountered when setting up eKeypad it is best to use the manual process detailed here.

Any time a configured device driver in eKeypad encounters an error when connecting a “Troubleshoot Issue” link will appear on the device overview screen.

This screen is accessed by opening the main Config screen, then selecting the correct category from the “Device Management”. This will show a list of all configured device in the selected category. Select a device to access the Overview screen.

You will only see the “Troubleshoot Issue” link if the device driver is currently encountering an error.

Notes on the automated testing process:

  • It is designed to be run from the local network where the equipment is located.
  • Running it while connected to Cellular will greatly limit the tests that can be performed.
  • Running it while connected to a remote network will give invalid and possibly incorrect results.

A summary of the testing results will be displayed on the screen and a link to email the detailed results is available.