Service – Advanced Support

Advanced Support

All eKeypad licenses purchased through the iOS App Store includes complementary support. Email is the standard method for providing support. For registered professional installers, we also offer additional support options, includes live phone support.

Complex issues related to non-eKeypad software, equipment or services are not covered by this complementary support. We do provide the high level requirements for these components but the details for specific models or versions is not possible.

If you require advanced help with the setup of software, equipment or services not covered by our complimentary support, you can purchase a single incident of advanced support. Professional installers also have the option of purchasing discounted support incidences in bulk.

An advanced support incident includes hands-on help via remote desktop. A person must be on site with a wired computer, a mobile device running eKeypad and a working internet connection for us to provide effective support. The areas where we can assist you using an advanced support incident include the following.

  • Network setup and integration
  • Elk M1 and ISY Programming
  • Dynamic DNS account setup

To purchase pay-per-incident support, please contact us or call your installer support line.
It is recommended to schedule a time with us in advance to guarantee availability.