No Areas Found on Elk M1

There are a few different scenarios that can cause an otherwise properly working Elk M1 driver to be unable to find any Areas (also called Partitions by some people).

In most scenarios this is due to a configuration setting in the Elk M1 panel that needs to be update but can also be caused by an incomplete cache of the M1 panel setup in eKeypad.

Please note that most of the topics require access to and knowledge of how to use the Elk-RP programming software application. If you used a professional installer it is highly recommended to get their help.

1) When Areas are created in the Elk M1 they are initially assigned a default name. This default name will look like “Area 1” or “Area 2”. Due to an limitation in the Elk API it is not possible for eKeypad to support these default names. The M1 setup should have an actual name assigned to each Area. The name can be anything that does not start with the text “Area ” (note the space at the end).

2) The Elk M1 also has special logic that it uses for Area names that contain leading spaces. Area names with leading spaces will cause the Elk panel to hide the existence of the Area from eKeypad.

If either of the above items are changed in the Elk configuration be sure and upload the changes from Elk-RP to the M1 panel. Elk-RP does not automatically save these changes.

Whether or not the above configuration items have been changed, a Re-sync will need to be performed in the eKeypad application. It is best to always do this while connected to your home Wifi network.

After opening eKeypad, navigate to the Elk device driver overview screen. This screen is located in different places depending on the eKeypad application you are using.

– If you are using eKeypad Alarm or eKeypad M1 then open the Config screen in eKeypad and touch on [Your Elk Driver] listed in the “Device management” section.

– If you are using any other eKeypad application then open the Config screen, touch on the “Automation Systems” link then touch on [Your Elk Driver].

At this point you will be on the Device driver Overview screen where you will find a link labeled, “Re-sync Device”. Press this link and restart eKeypad when you are requested to do so. After the restart you should see all of your Areas listed.